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Who Said That?

Simon Gummer
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What is Who Said That? ?

Who Said That? challenges friends and family to ask each other questions, anonymously submit answers, and then try to work out whose answer is whose. A ChatGPT-generated extra answer, from robot player Alan BOT, can also be added making it even harder as players have to try and figure out which answer is their friend’s and which is from the AI.


The ChatGPT player sets the game apart from anything that has come before. This cutting-edge chatbot gives hilarious and often unguessable answers, fooling players into thinking he is one of their friends.


In a study of games played on the app, it was found that answers generated automatically by ChatGPT fooled the human questioners 77% of the time. No matter the question topic, from the serious - “What is the best place to live in the world?” to the ridiculous “What insect do you think would make a good television presenter and why?” the ChatGPT generated answer was mistaken for one of the player's friends over three-quarters of the time. The Turing test has often been seen as the benchmark of an AI's ability to be human-like. Who Said That? takes it one step further by not just having to be believable as a random person but an actual friend of the user.


Each round starts with one player asking a question. They can either ask their own or get inspiration from thousands that are pre-loaded. The other players then send in their answers anonymously. The questioner awards the best answer with bonus points and then sets about trying to guess whose answer is whose. If they’ve chosen to play with Alan BOT the AI player then his answer is there too. Can he fool them into thinking he’s one of their friends? Or even snatch the bonus points for the best answer?


Download Who Said That? now and join the fun! With its innovative twist on the classic party game formula, this game is sure to provide hours of laughter and enjoyment.


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