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Come experience the magic of precious new life! Ice Queen mommy's new pregnancy means that a new family adventure is about to begin!...

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Features of Mommy’s New Ice Princess Baby Docto‪r‬ :

  • Play a fun rescue and checkup game with babies!
  • Mini game inside! A hidden object game perfect for the adventurous
  • Give her checkups and make sure everything is okay for her delivery


ABC Coloring Book-EduPain‪t‬

Teach Numbers & Shapes To Kids


Fun Educational Coloring Pages and Painting Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers & Alphabet Letters!...

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Features of ABC Coloring Book-EduPain‪t‬:

  • 18 Different Unique Educational Games And Quizzes!
  • Voice Over in 12 Different languages!
  • Customizable!
  • 3D HD Colorful Graphics!
  • Unlimited Play and Innovative Rewards System!

Cream Cake Maker:Cooking Games-juice,pie,cake,Smoothie and turkey & Baby kitchen & Kid’s Supper Want to be a real chef, go ahead, DIY in your own kitchen, and let's have fun with cream cake making, pie making


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Features of Cream Cake Maker:

  • Tap to select which kind of cake to make
  • Change the size of decorations when you Zoom In & Out
  • 60 different cake flavors to choose from: make as many as you want
  • 4 cooking games
  • 30 Awesome frostings and toppings to make your cake beautiful
  • 10 different candles & fireworks to help celebrate all kinds of events
  • 20 different drinks to choose

Road Trip Games App

Family fun @ home & on the go!


The Road Trip Games App brings those classic family games to your iPhone or iPad. Perfect for a family road trip, a game night or just hanging out with some friends...

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Features of Road Trip Games App:

  • The License Plate Game
  • The Quiet Game
  • Save your place in The License Plate Game so you can pick up
  • Running leaderboard, so you can keep track who's winning throughout your whole trip

Hello Kitty and her friends are planning to host a grand musical get-together to spread the love and joy! Help them throw a big, fabulous party in the most adorable musical clicker game ever made!...

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Features of Hello Kitty Music Party - Kawaii and Cute‪!‬ :

  • Unlock Your Favorite Sanrio Characters
  • Host A Fabulous Party
  • Play Your Own Favorite Songs!
  • Easy To Play, Casual Clicker Game
  • Play On Multiple Devices Via Cloud Save
  • Send Cute Messages With Our Imessage Stickers

Hobby Farm Show 2 takes casual games to new heights as players tend to crops 30 stories above busy city streets...

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Features of Hobby Farm Show 2:

  • 3 game modes
  • 50 levels
  • Tackle the unique challenges!
  • The New Season Of The Farm Show

Girls Hair Salon is a fun and interactive game from developers PAZU Games. Now you can own your own hair salon where you can color, cut, and dress your very own animated models!...

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Features of Girls Hair Salon:

  • 6 different unique characters
  • Dozens of different appliances make for countless hairstyles!
  • Colorful and unique artwork
  • Easy and fluid interface that is designed especially for kids


Magic 8 bit 8 bal‪l

8bit answers to your questions


In 1983 a potent mixture of dark magic, sorcery, voodoo, and star anise was all captured in an 8-ball which then gained the power to grant answers to questions that were stated in a very specific way With a near 100% success rate people...

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Features of Magic 8 bit 8 bal‪l:

  • 8bit answers to your questions
  • Almost 100% accurate some of the time
  • Answers Questions you didn't know you had

Dolphins of the Caribbea‪n

The Pirate's Treasure


Let's go on a fantastic adventure trip in the Caribbean. On Tirimoa island a 3D animal simulation meets an exciting pirate story. Take care of the dolphins and find the treasure!...

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Features of Dolphins of the Caribbea‪n:

  • Vacation In The Dolphin Station
  • Take Care Of The Dolphins
  • The island residents help you with your task

The app includes twelve different child and toddler friendly, jigsaw-style puzzles with options to change the number of pieces and remove other helpers...

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Features of Train Games for Kids:

  • Fun, creative graphics by illustrator Jenny Tiffany.
  • 12 different fun zoo train puzzles to choose from
  • Positive encouragement.
  • Easy for kids to use and control.

Nowadays there is widespread use of simple games as a positive distraction from everyday stress. HappyTap is a mobile game that gets users looking for positive triggers in a race to best their score...

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Features of Happytap pla‪y‬:

  • Find the smile in an array of faces with varying emotional expressions in a race for the top score.
  • Two game modes Burst and Action
  • The number of smiles you find is your score
  • Action mode

The Giant Turnip - kids stor‪y‬

Story for kids with mini-games


This interactive rhymed story teaches children about working together to achieve a common goal Made with the love of our own children in mind, It is the result of tireless days in development and testing resulting in a product we are proud...

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Features of The Giant Turnip - kids stor‪y‬:

  • 3 story options
  • 3 child friendly mini-games
  • 5 languages
  • Excellent voiceovers recorded by narration professionals from around the world
  • No WiFi or internet required

Mahjong Venice Mystery Premiu‪m‬

Easy & Relax Majong Adventure


Celebrating 10 years of Venice Mystery and our 7th year on the Apple App Store + Play this highly addictive popular matching game and enjoy a secret path through Venice, Italy...

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Features of Mahjong Venice Mystery Premiu‪m‬:

  • Now over 700 levels waiting for you
  • QuickPlay mode lets you play single selected levels
  • More than 70 magic puzzle levels in Classic Theme
  • Uncover hidden passages to play new levels
  • Collect rewards and coins
  • Play combos and collect coins to increase your score
  • Fantastic colorful artwork
  • Beautiful music soundtrack

Hatchi is a retro-looking iPhone and watch app sure to get the nostalgia burning for all those who cared for a virtual pet back in the 1990s when they were at the height of their popularity...

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Features of Hatchi - A retro virtual pe‪t‬:

  • Choose different backgrounds like the park or the beach!
  • Use stickers to customise the background to give Hatchi a better environment!
  • Change the color of your Hatchi's pixels
  • Play mini Games with Friend
  • Multiplayer Games

Fuzzle is one amazingly beautiful and addictive game I predict this game to be one of the top downloads on iTunes-appruv.com - 5/5 star rating...

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Features of Fuzzl‪e‬:

  • Two special bonus balls
  • The rainbow ball, which serves as any color
  • Timeless mode, for a more thoughful, slower game
  • Two alternative tap-handling methods
  • Possibility to undo bad moves
  • Colorblind support
  • Automatic saving of games never ever lose your game due to a call etc

Sudoku For Kids is an educational game for kids.This memory game is developed for educational purpose. Get this game free for a limited time....

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Features of Sudoku for Kids:

  • Sudoku For Kids is an educational game for kids
  • Get this game free for a limited time
  • The kids can play this game alone

Catch the Cat! is a fun and easy app for the youngest children (6-18 months old), which lets them play with small cats and kittens, and train their hand-eye coordination...

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Features of Catch The Cat‪!:

  • Fun and easy app for the youngest children
  • Play with small cats and kittens
  • The iPad version works best for the youngest

My Town : Polic‪e‬

Imagine you are a police man


My Town 's Police station it is your time to become a policeman or woman, a detective and even a crook. Adventure and fun can be found all around the police station. Check out the Police car...

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Features of My Town : Polic‪e‬:

  • Lots of new characters to play with, including Both a police man, policewoman
  • Including 7 different locations around the police station
  • Over 300 different accessories and clothing to interact and play with
  • Play with your friends and family on the same device!


It's raining letters, hurry!


A fun and mentally-stimulating game for word lovers, with four game modes, leaderboards, achievements, challenges, and more....

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Features of Wordro‪p‬:

  • Choose color themes, sound settings
  • Achievements, challenges
  • Four game mode
  • Sign into GameCenter so you can compare yourself with players


The #1 board game in Denmark!


Partners is one of the most popular board games in the Nordic Countries! Now 20 years after the first copy of the board game was released, the app is finally here...

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Features of Partner‪s‬:

  • Play this game online with family and friends
  • You can easily play alone offline or include 1, 2 or 3 other persons online
  • invite anyone to play the game
  • The game is turn based and can be played live online