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What is Mixel, Cocktail Recipes ?

 Your ingredients. Your recipes. Want to see what you can make with the ingredients you already own? Give Mixel a try. Input which ingredients you own, and explore classic cocktails like the Martini, Margarita, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and more.

 Automatic cloud syncing. All your data is backed-up and synced to the cloud, so you can use any device (tablets included). Your personal bar, favorites, bookmarks, filters, notes, photos, custom recipes, etc. will always be available.

 Unlock over 2000 craft cocktail recipes. Subscribe to get the best cocktails you can make using the ingredients you own. With unique recipes and mixed drinks from world-renowned bars, bartenders, and book sources, we scoured the library and the web to bring you only the greatest cocktail recipes.

 Unleash your inner bartender. Stock your bar with the ingredients you actually have, then filter and sort drinks by those you are able to make. Recipes organized in a database you can sort, search, tag, and favorite. Want to try a new drink you're sure to like? Sort by flavor or search by ingredient. Keep track of your favorite drinks or ones you haven't tried yet. Search titles, ingredients, sources, and more to find the perfect drink for any occasion.

 Cocktail recipes for every taste. We give every recipe 1 or 2 flavors, so you can explore new mixed drinks. For example, the Margarita is sour, the Old Fashioned is strong, the Martini is dry, and the Bloody Mary is spicy/savory. We did this for every recipe! Recipes are organized into packs including holiday cocktails, gin drinks, whiskey drinks, vodka drinks, tiki cocktails, and many more! Aperitivo anyone?

 Missing a cocktail? Create your own cocktail and share with friends. Your information is backed up to the cloud, so your data is always available. Switching devices? Just sign in to your Mixel account to pick up where you left off.

 Why Mixel? You'll see... we designed the app to use a delightful 8-bit pixel art style. It's just as fun to use as it was for us to make. So get started!

Features included for free:

• A wide range of 119 cocktail recipes from the International Bartenders Association (IBA recipes) and other sources.

• All 600+ ingredients ranging from liqueurs to whiskey to mixers. Use these to stock your bar and see what cocktail recipes you can make. You can also create your own recipes using these ingredients.

• Basic filters and sorting to find the perfect cocktails. All filters you create are synced to the cloud and available anywhere. Filter by flavor, recipe pack, favorite, tried, or bookmarked.

• Tasting notes. Add personal notes to any recipe. Useful for tracking recipe variations and substitutions.

• Cocktail Recipe Creator allows you to add any recipes we missed.

• Shopping List allows you to keep track of ingredients you need to buy, all integrated into the UI flow.

• Mixel Maximizer suggests ingredients to buy to increase the number of recipes you can make.

• Light/dark color themes that automatically match your Android UI.

Mixel Premium includes all of the above, plus:

• Over 2300 cocktail recipes from only the best published sources and bartenders. We are constantly adding more (but only good recipes).

• Tap an ingredient and get the essential information including history, ABV%, sugar content, and a web link for more information.

• Recipe sharing with QR code, link, or "collaborative mode", where a group of friends can view and edit the same recipe.

• Bar sharing (collaborative) with live updates to share your bar contents with others.

• Rate and leave public comments on recipes to join the discussion.

• Advanced filter options including source, hashtags, ingredients, glass, and more.

• All 10 color themes, including 6 light and 4 dark themes.


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Pricing model

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  • Unleash your inner bartender. Stock your bar with the ingredients you actually have,
  • Cocktail recipes for every taste. We give every recipe 1 or 2 flavors