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Frooty Grocery Shopping List

TinyAntz Software
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What is Frooty Grocery Shopping List ?

It's the only shopping list app that supports you in three core areas:
👉 it helps you create shopping lists BEFORE you go to the store,
👉 it helps you do grocery shopping WHILE at the store,
👉 it provides reports and insights into your shopping habits and offers quick list reusability AFTER you are done shopping.

⭐ New list features ⭐
With Frooty List, creating new shopping lists is so much easier. Use:
- item autocompletion,
- auto lists,
- cloning,
- text imports
- and voice recognition to quickly create new shopping lists.

⭐ In-store shopping ⭐
Frooty Shopping List helps you while you're doing shopping at the store by:
- Smart AI Cost Predictions, 
- Magic Auto Sort, 
- experimental In-Store Item Locator 
- and one-tap product statuses.

⭐ Instant Sharing ⭐
Share your lists with friends and family:
- Automatic List Sharing
- Built-In Chat
- Push Notifications
- Unlimited List Sharing

But there's more! You can use Smart Shopping Reports to see how your shopping habits and prices changes over time. Refer to graphs, tables and pie charts to see your dollar spending, averages, favorite shopping items and more.

You can use Archive and Export features to move completed shopping lists to the archive or let Frooty List automatically archive old lists after 3 days. If you fancy doing your own analysis, simply export all your grocery shopping list data to a CSV file.

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  • Auto lists
  • Item autocomplete
  • Speech recognition
  • List cloning
  • Smart AI cost predictions
  • Magic auto sort
  • Single tap categories
  • In-store item locator
  • Unlimited list sharing
  • Push notifications


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