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What is BeeDone ?

Beedone is an innovative productivity app that transforms your routine into a game. Inspired by best-sellers such as "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg and "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, Beedone helps you manage your tasks, routines, and habits in a simple and fun way.
With a minimalist and user-friendly design, Beedone allows you to centralize all your tasks in one place. The app features a unique gamification system that rewards you with points for every task accomplished. You can then redeem your points for rewards you love, such as a movie or video game, without feeling guilty.
Key features include:
Quick task addition: Easily note down everything that needs to be done.
Routine addition: Set of tasks to be completed every day.
Habit addition: Tasks to be repeated regularly.
Reward system: Redeem your points for rewards you love.
Deep work timer: Focus and stay on track with a timer.
Motivating notifications: Stay focused with reminders.
With Beedone, you can boost your productivity and organization in a fun and engaging way.
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  • Todo AI assisted
  • Personal Reward System
  • Habit with best system of productivity
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Can I sync my tasks and progress across multiple devices?

Yes, Beedone allows you to sync your tasks and progress across multiple devices (MacOS, iPhone, Android, Window and WebApp), ensuring seamless productivity wherever you go.

Is there a free version of Beedone available?
Yes, Beedone is free with essential features to help you improve your productivity and build habits.
Can I customize the rewards I earn for completing tasks?
Absolutely! Beedone allows you to customize the rewards you earn for completing tasks, so you can redeem points for activities you truly enjoy.
How does Beedone help me build habits?
Beedone uses gamification principles and AI-driven notifications to keep you engaged and motivated, making habit-building enjoyable and sustainable.
Can I use Beedone to collaborate with my team or share tasks with others?
Yes, Beedone is designed to help you manage your tasks individually, but it also allows you to share tasks and collaborate with your team or family members. Improve productivity together with Beedone!

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