12 Impactful Ways to Promote Your App on Social Media?

Jun 01, 2022

By AppsHive Team

how to marketing your app on social media

With great apps launching on the app store and play store, it's a little bit challenging to get one's app noticed. While some of them shine through, others fail to hit the mark. People fail to understand that getting one's app listed on App Store and Play Store is not enough.

One must know how to promote their app and reach the target audience. Social media has the power to get your app noticed by its users.

There are 5 Billion internet users worldwide, out of which 4.65 billion spend their time on social media. You can leverage this power of social media if you know how and where to market your app.

This article will cover some tried and tested methods on how to promote an app on social media.

12 Steps That Can Give Good Exposure to Your Mobile App

Social media has a commendable power to reach the target audience, so it works best to market your app. Here are the some of the tactics that can work to make your app more popular.

Pump out Your Content

With a mature social media strategy planning, one can gauge the users' attention. The statistics below showcase which social media platforms have attracted users over time.

social media and entertainment apps

Each platform holds power to promote your mobile app without money. Understand that people are mainly engaged on social media platforms to socialize. Thus, content that educates, grabs, or entertains the users often gets popular.

Upload a dynamic video or content explaining how the app can solve their problems. The main goal of your marketing campaigns should be to gain the trust of your users. Also, linear marketing campings can add value to your app. All the platforms should share one standard message to their users. One can add a clear CTA that provokes users to download your app.

For example, Starbucks asked its users to post pictures of their products. And the best one's would get highlighted on Starbucks' official website. Like the one showcased below;

Starbucks Marketing their App

When the user swipes right to view more images, there is a link to the Starbucks app at the end. By not asking the target audience to download the app, they provided value to them.

Join Groups/ Channels

A new social media channel comes up in the market within no time. It gets challenging to choose among various channels. Will TikTok work for your app marketing? Would Twitter spaces attract more users? Is it sane to be active on all the social media channels?

Well, one needs to choose which channel works best for the application strategically. For instance, if there is a fitness group, join the group and market your application. Firstly, one needs to know where the target audience would be, and then one should start by joining groups.

For instance:

Facebook- Join various Public/ Private groups.

Instagram- You can create reels or pay for the post that will help you reach maximum users.

LinkedIn- You can join various groups and post information about your app.

Twitter- Join twitter communities that are relevant to your app.

YouTube- Create YouTube shots to advertise your app.

Video Advertising

Marketing one's app on YouTube in the right way can make your app noticed among the users. To get noticed, one should:-

  • Create a video that explains the main functions of your app.
  • Watermarking one's video with semi-transparent text in the corner of the video.
  • Timely update video about how your app can solve users' issues.
  • Make an enticing title.

There are three kinds of video marketing campaigns you can do for your app.

  1. Product Videos:- The main goal of such videos is to explain the benefits of using one's app.
  2. Explainer Videos:- The most popular form of online marketing used for app marketing. These videos are often depicted by storytelling and high-quality animated visuals.
  3. Customer Testimonials:- To gain the users' trust, make a video with real users' feedback. One can refer to the popular videos to make the top-notch advertising for your mobile app.

Influencer Marketing

People discover 50% of the mobile app through friends, families, or other mediums.

So, there is a drastic increase in app downloads with influencer marketing. On Twitter, 40% of the users made purchases by influencer's recommendation. Here are the statistics about the impact of influencers on the users.

Influencer Marketing Data

Source: Statista

According to human psychology, people tend to trust people more than advertisements. Getting an influencer to recommend an app acts as social proof to your target users. Other benefits of influencer app marketing are as follows:-

  • Make your solid presence on social media platforms.
  • Authenticity
  • Build trust among users
  • Reaching your target audience.
  • Building a long term partnership
  • Creating brand awareness

There are three ways on how to promote apps on social media through an influencer.

Firstly, do a pre-launch promotion, which guides users' for pre-registration before the app launch. Well, this is to create hype for the mobile app among its users.

Secondly, the influencer introduces the mobile app to the audience after launch.

Lastly, the post-launch phase is where the users are introduced to the new updates or features. Well, this is generally done to expand the user base.

Be Creative with your Social Media Pages

Social media platforms are the best way to make your app popular and to create a quick buzz worldwide. It holds great power, and here are the details of how each platform can connect you with users.

social media platforms active users

Reviews and Ratings

App reviews work beautifully in gaining users' trust. For instance, look at the WiFi Map Facebook page, and it displays the review of the mobile app.

Reviews and Ratings

A review from a beta tester or any app accomplishment plays a vital role in gaining users. Social media platforms can display your app reviews and attract your users.

Here are the general facts about app reviews one should be aware of:-

  • The Spiegel report reveals that 95% of users check online reviews to make any decision.
  • Testimonial Engine says that 72% customers won't buy/download anything without checking reviews.
  • If your app has a rating of 5 stars, then the chances of people downloading your app increase by 270%.

Mobile app rating/ reviews aid one in spreading the helpful word of mouth. An app with high reviews/ ratings stands firm in the market to beat the competition.

Run Contest

Providing people with incentives to try out one's app can increase app downloads. The story of the virgin company is an example of how running a contest attracted users to download an app.

A few years ago, Virgin company asked citizens of Australia to take part in a game. Well, the only condition was to download the Virgin App. And, the winning price was $200,000.

The users were least bothered about the game's concept, and still, it gained 40,000 active users. And 44% of users were actively engaged with the game throughout.

Hence, that is how the power of incentive drags the users towards the mobile app. Understand the psychology of the user, they are attracted more towards free stuff. Create content with a small amount of winning prize, to attract the users.

Using the technique to gain more downloads for the app which works like a boon for your app. Make a solid marketing campaign that gives physical and digital incentives to users.

User Generated Content

The first option of how to promote your app on social media is by connecting with an influencer. Another option is to use your audience to create content.

Create a campaign and a hashtag where users can get involved and share their content with a hashtag. Well, more people would get involved as people will become aware of it by seeing it on their social media posts.

90% of the customers listen to peer recommendations, and only 30% of people listen to ads. So, planning a solid marketing campaign can boost your app installs.

Social Campaigns

To promote one's apps on social media, one can promote social causes. This is a fantastic way for mobile app marketing through social media. Getting attached to a cause can bounce your social media post to more users.

Choosing a social cause that can highlight your mobile app. Also, involving a larger audience can benefit the app in gaining attention. Strategically use the trending hashtags (#), which can give your mobile app a boost.

Besides raising money for the social cause, you get a chance to improve user engagement.

Paid Ads

Social media ads can help you reach a larger audience. 49% of the app downloads come through advertisements. With increasing competition, getting organic reach has become challenging.

Instead, a creative advertisement aids you in increasing your visibility. Before embarking on creating ads, one must know the target audience. With time one can analyze which ads have brought the largest benefits.

Also, with time one has to increase their budget to reach a larger audience. For instance, let's look at the Audible app Ad campaigns.

Paid Ads

The banner appeared at the top of the Podkicker podcasting app. The ads provoke users to download the app by trying the 30-day free trial. The arrow button on the ad shows that they will be directly taken to another page to download audiobooks.

Social media platforms are growing insanely. Without a doubt, it's the quickest way to reach users. Anything that is unique or solves people's problems can attract the users' attention. Thus, a suitable strategy can boost your app downloads.

Create Personal Brand

Focus on becoming a brand, and your app followers will increase rapidly. The image showcases how you can be a distinctive personality like Elon Musk.

Similarly, you can share unique ideas or facts that are interesting to know. With time you can become a personal brand. Interestingly, see how easy it becomes to promote your app on social media.

Keep Engaging with the Audience

Don’t let your users forget your app. Keep posting something regarding your app. One can post anything related to your app. For example, if you have a fitness app, you can regularly post tips and tricks of remaining fit.

At the end of the post, you can market your mobile app. Well, by following this technique, you can reach maximum potential users over time.

One can also give offers on the application. For instance, use the application to gain 10% discounts on certain products. Even get something free when using the app for the first time, and these orders can increase your app downloads.


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